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map greenspirng map 44 mmpp 3 p95 map 3 3 3- 3 &p 3 cominn up... 3- p3 manti taao finally sits doon for a sit-down innerview... and taaks abouu his feelings 3&pgirlfriend nevee existed. 3 and it's been a tough road to the super bowlfor the ravens...but ttht's been half the funthat story coming up inn 3 ((break 2)) 3 3the wooan in the photos ussdd innthe manti te'o hoax is sseaking out. but the accused mastermind behind the scam remains silent. brian todd reports. reports. &p3 manti te'oosays he stuck to the story bout a ggrlfriend he'' never met-- brieely ppblic about her-- even when &phe knnw sometting was wrong.in an iinerview with abc's katie couric, te'o was asked wwy. myself to died on september 12th. nowwi gee a phone call -3 on december 6th sayinggthat going to be put on national tv two-days later, and to ask me about the same quession. what would you do??a source with knowledgeeof the maater tells cnn, a woman pretendiig to be - te'os apparent girlfriend, lennay keeua- called him on & december 6th, ccaiming she'd & faked her death because sh
world and the - internet remain abuzz this morning as notre dame &plinebacker manti te'o says he - was the ictim of a "sick joke."so who's really ehind the hoax?brian todd has more. 3& it was a hoax made aal the - more believable- by his -3 hushedd mouunful interviews- like the one he gave e-s-p-n. "i cried. i yelled. never felt that way before. six-hours ago i just found out my ggandma passed away and you take,,you & know- the love of my lifee last thing she said to me was 'i love you'."but manti te'o's & supposed girlfrrenddlennay kekua, who'd reporteddy died of leukemia, never existed. te'o and notre dame say he was the victtm of this hoax.who perpettated it?'deadsppn.com', the sports-investigative - website that brokk the sttry, points to a young man named ronaiah tuiasooopo.cnn ootainee a yearbook photo of him rom 2008, when he as a senior at paraclete high school in lancaster, califfrnia.deadspin, citing friends and relatives of the girlfriendd and spread the myth online."they told us that he has been doing the lennay kekua fake online r
abouttthe death of girlfriend may nnt be prue.as ed ayne tells us... manti te'o now says he was the viitim of a "sick joke." joke." & 3 notre dame sttr linebacker manti teeo (man-tie tay-oh) pxcelled n the foottaall pfeld... dessite dealing witt - traaedy off te field.te'o said last september that his & grandmooher and his girlfriend died within hours of each other -- and heewould keep playing to honor them.but,,the girlfriend story was a hoox, - according to an article published bb the sports dame attletic director jack &pswarbrick says e'o only spooe to the girrfriend in question.... online and on the telephooe. this was a very elaboratt, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reaaonss - and a certtin cruelty at ts core.the story waa that teo's the ootbbll player didd't attend her funeral because he said e promised her he wouldn't miss a game.deedspin writer timoohy burke, who brokkethe story, says some things just don't add up.we have a lot of stories about how they mee. she was a -33 student at stanford and they game and we know now
, amy kellogg, fox news." 3&platt word tonight that one has died. new details in the hoax linebacker man-tie te'o nn te'' was grief stricken by the death of his girlfriend lennay kekua, who'd repprtedly diedd out... she never existed.te'o claims hh was thh victim of a sick joke... but diint say who wassbehind it.now, the deadspin reporter ho broke the story is pointing ttothiss mmn... ""onaiah two-e-yy-so-so-po"..friends and fammly say he created the girlfrrend and spreaded hh myth online.. "thhy told us that he has been onliie profile for seeeral other people in its trap- but phat they caught on way earliie than manti te'o did." did." relatives also say that e'o two kkew each other. . and the a recorr heat wave in australia is creating severe fire conditions across the country. a large aad past moving ushfire doubled in size oday hundreds of residents continue to evacuate... officcals say the fire is expected to burn for aa least is in the forecast anytime t -3 soon... with temperatures reaching a record breakinn one hhndred fourteen degrees on ponday. 3 some decent weathee fo
the death of girlfriend may not be prue.as ed payne explains... manti te'o now says he was &pphe iccim of a "sick joke." joke." p notreedame sttr linebacker anti te'o (man-tie tay-oh) r excelled on theefootball field... despite dealing with tragedy off the fieed.te'o said last september thhtthis graadmother and his girllriend dded wwthin hours of each other -- and he would keep playing to hooor them.buu, the girlfriendd tory was a hoax, published by the sports website deadspin-dot-coo.notre swarbrick sayss e'o only spoke to the girlfriind in question.... nline and on thh ellborate, veey sophisticattd poax perpetrated for reasons and a ceetain cruelty t itt core.theestory was that ttoos girlfriend died oo leukemia. theefootball ppayer didn't &pattend her funeral because he said he promised hhr he wouldn't miss game.deadspin writer timothy burke, who brokeethe story, says some paveea lot of stories about student aa stanford and they pet after the 2009 foootall didn't hppen.and there is ttis...when te'o said iiknow thht iill ee my girlfriend pgain someday, we now nnw that they neve
.i'm alison kosik innnew yyrk. 3cooinggup... the manti ta'o -3 saga takes another twist. twist. the poman in the photos at the centee of the hoax is now speaking out. 3 3 school delay 3 2 hoors late:3 aane arundel countybaltimore county carroll countyfreddrick 3
in a catfishing scam.that's the scheme wiih thh phony girlfriend that notre dame star manti te'oo says e got caaght innbriann todd xxlains how ittall went doon. & down. 3 ii was about the same tiie mmnti te'o claims he first pearned his online girllriend was phony..n indication that other hhgh-profile football -3 players hhd been 'te'o'd.'aa memo went up in the locker room of the washington &predskins in december.the gist of it was::"stay away from @redridnh00d. avoid her on twitter. avoid her on pnstagram. do not converse with ttis person on any sociia pedia platform. she issnnt who according to an article on nfl.com, the league's official - weesite,,which says theememo was posted by phiilip daniels, p former reddkins defensivee end who's now the team's -3 (standup)"the edskinsssaid phillip daniell was not available to speak toous-- and the team wouldn't put anyonee -3 out to talk to us about thh pllyers' interacttons with the woman on sscial mediaa but daniels ttld nfl.com that onn multiple occasioos,,several redskinn' playersstried to arrange eetings with thh
dot com slash morning. another admission by manti te'o. te'o.the new lle.. the notre dame linebacker admits to telli. telling.and later..it'' story ou have to see to believe.what sent this vehicle spinning. into oncooing ttaffic on this bbsy highway!! morning newss. all local.. all morning. john leopoldds trial continues wednesday...and whaa they say.. eopood told them.. after committing an alleggd sex act. act. &p [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. you're sending me mixed messages. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entre
pouring out as to who's really &pbehind tte manti tee' hoax. story points tt a maa amed "ronaiah wo-eeya-so-so-po". the webbite claims the friends and fammly of "two-eeya-so-so-po" say he spreaded the yth online. a woman whose name is not being releaaed says she evvn realizee her pictureehad beenn used for a fakk facebook pagg for tt'o's girlfriend. president bama's second inauguration is just ays away. preparations for theeevent are underway across washiigttn d-c... and evennthh metroois getting in n the act.anyone who tkes the metro on monday inaagurrtion day ppss.the commemorative ticket has a &ppicture of the presidenn andd costt 15-doollrs.however... get one....you can keep looding money onto it even expecting up to 800-thousand s - riders monday. congressman paul ryan is pxpected to attend monday's it's his "ooliiation" to be aa the ceermony.ryan s currently in williamsburg, irginia... for a hhuse republican retreatt phe wisconsii lawmaker is not yet opening up about his ppans for 2016. cominn up... honoring the legacc of a civil rights legend. llgend.how the y of centr
. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. nntre daae star linebacker manti te'o admits to lling affer finding out she didn't ex. exist.in... aa... interview with... katie cooric,... set to air... sayss.. he learned of the hoax ...ii december... / -wh claiming to be his dead kekua....//.the... heisman trophy runner-up... maintaans... hh had no part... in creating the hoax..../ bbt... feet... he had to conninue ...tte ruse... following days.... te'o is entering tte nfl draft and will find out if this controversy hurt his tock in a chance of snow heading into the weekend. let's go to vytas for a look at the extended forecast. &p( p, john harbaugh is in awe of pyu, the fans...hher hiss tribute to purple pride,,next, 3 3 & that's all for the late edition, i'm jefffbarnd. barnd. and 'm ennifer gilbert. spoots uulimited. unlimited. 3 33 when baltimore wws seeking n nfl expansion francciieback in the early '90's, much was said about the qualltyof life a teem would bring...as yyu see all tte purple all over town, you see hhathat meant...e
death of his girlfriend. girlfriend.manti te'o said laat septeeber... thaathhs grandmother aad hii girlfriend died within hours of each otter... an hat he would peep playing to honnr them.but according to a new articce publisheddon "deadspin--ot- ccm... the girllriend story waa all hoax.teo ssii that his girlfriend died of attend her funeral because he promisee her he wouldd't miss a game.but timothy burke... article... says some things diin't aad up. 3 we have a lot of stories about how they mee. she was a &pstudent at aater the 2209 football gamm and we know now that didn't happen.-butt to- wwennte'o said know again someday, we know now that they - nevee saw eacc otherrin the first they err wwth me. i 3 myy amily and my girllrieed's &pfaaily. i miss know thattiill & se thee again one day. day. 3 te'o... ho was thh heisman trophy runner-up... says he's just the victim oo a "sick joke."he's exppcted to be firrt-round pick in theen-f-l draat thissspring. chris brown is due n court today... for a progress reportthearing on his 5-year probation
, and that he's caught other people in its trap- but that they cauggt on waa -3earlier than manti te'o id.""- dii." 3 relatives also say that te'o two knew each other. -3 3 3 3 a nice weekend ahead... but it wont last for long.lets check &pin with eteorologist mily weather returns. 3 weather returrs.see when the 3 you can et yyur morning news and weather... seven dayy a week right ere on fox45.fox45 morning news - weekends launches tomorroo. it will be anchored by baltimore broadcaster marianne banister aad meteorologist tony pagnotti will bring you the weather.thh show premieres saturday at 6 a-m... and sunday at 7 a-m. -3 3 -3 3 anew treetment for breast cancer .... what a altimore hospital issoffering patients. p being diagnosed 3 with breast cancer-- the news alone can be devastating. and adding the burden of weekk ppoo weees of treatment ccn be dissouraging. 3 at mercy medical enter in baltimore---once a cancerous tumor is removvd--select patientsscan now chhose a pingle dose radiation treatment that only takes 30 miiutes to annhhur.
it to the test.... nextt p,3--adblib weatter nntre ame... star... linebacker... manti te''o.. admits to lying about his online girlfriend... didn't exist...//.in... an... interviewwwith... katie couric,... see to air... thursday.../ t''o ... says... he laaned off hh hoax ...in december... / when a womaa called him.../, clliming to be hhs dead girlfirend... ennay kekua....//.the... heisman troppy runner-up... in creeting the hoax..../ butt.. elt... he had to ccntinue ...tte ruse... during media interivewssin the pfllowing days.... a denverrman is facing several charges... after plowiig into a row of parked ccrs.... the impact sending them shooting down he road. for echanicallproblems... their owners now have more serious damage to fix. the driver said he fell asleepp at the wheel.. he was cited for carelees ddivinn and no proof of insurance. 33 pack... as... much as you want ../ pnd... don't worry clothes... wrinkle. wrinkled...///.the steam buddy promises o get the wrinkles out with out all of the hassle. tom rodgers puts he steam b
paased away. you take, you know, the love of my life." girlfriend wasn't real. manti notre dame. he finished second in the voting for thee heisman trophy and ii expectedd to play in the nfl. after talking all season about the loss of hhs girlfriend to cancer, a woman he now admits he never met in person, peopll are skeptical he was thaa &pnaave. but tonight his university is defending theii star player saying he was a viicim who haa nothing to doo with the nationalldeception. 3 "the thing i am most sad of, ssd abouttis,,sorryy-that the single most trusting human same way in his life."" ttere's no word on exactly who was behind the prank. te'o says he found out when his supposedly dead girlfriend tiny fishing boatt &pin the crosshairs of nature's encounter ith a great white running ffr land. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... p school bus drrver in texas. p school bushy his vehicle ende motel swimming ppol.. 3 and big medical mistakes. the shocking things left inside a &ppatient after ssrgeryy 3 can 3it's once in a lifetime encounter moot ould live wii
. -3 by 1957... the job was his for good.. 3 ááadlii chaaáá 3 3- 3 poming up... 3 manti te'o.. runn defense on his personal llfe.wwaa the football tar has agreed to do off- camera... to help settle the debate ovee what he knew about an elaborate hoax. 3 and... nnw term... new military.the major changes coming to ameriia's rmed forres during president pbama's next four years.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morring. &p 3 3 3 new this morning... a suburban new york cityynewspaper removes the names and addresses of -3 residents with gun permits from its website. the journal news published an inttractive map ttaa pinpointed thousands of permit holddrs in westchester and rockland countiis. the paperrpublished -3& phe list after last month'' connecticut. &p it outraged gun owners and the state legislature in new york just passed a law strrnnthening gun owner privacy laws. & the pubbisher of the paper says its not legalll equiied to takeedo
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